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Level 1

Graph Fundamentals
This course is designed for people who are new to graph database and graph-based analytics. There are four modules that are designed to take you from a graph newbie to being fluent in the concepts, capabilities and use cases of a native parallel graph database.

[video] Introduction to Graph Database and Analytics
[video] Managing Relationships - Relational, NoSQL and Graph Databases
[video] Evolution of Graph Databases
[video] Seven Key Data Science Capabilities of Native Parallel Database

Intro to Cloud
[article] Howto Deploy a TigerCloud Instance

Intro to GSQL
[docs] Query writing best practices
[docs] Schema design best practices
[video] Graph Schema
[video] Data Loading
[video] Graph Inspection Language
[video] Basic GSQL
[video] Advanced GSQL (Accumulators)
[video] Deep Link Query in GSQL