Add files to tigergraph cloud using pyTigerGraph

Is there any way to add files on TigerGraph cloud using pyTG?
I have few csv files on Github and would like to load them in Vertex/Edge. I couldn’t find any gsql command or pyTG function which can add these files to TG cloud.
I tried loading github files in pandas dataframe and then using pyTG’s updateVertexDataFrame() but this doesn’t work when files/dataframes have some columns which contain blank/null values.

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@mt_nagarro Unfortunately, pyTG doesn’t have the features to upload files into TG cloud at this moment. It might be included in the future, but we would need to evaluate a process to do this without having full access to the underlying servers.

You mentioned exploring updateVertexDataFrame() and I’ve run into that same exact issue. I’m attaching my notebook that I’m retrieving files from a GitHub Repo and then using that function (after doing some data cleaning). I’m hoping it can help!