Algorithm installation


I tried to install algorithms from using install script.
Then, I wanted to check if my queries were installed but I cannot find them. I used command ‘ls’ but there is nothing connected with algorithms.

I tried to run the script once again but I got message:

Algorithm files have been created. Do want to install them now [yn]? y
Semantic Check Fails: Graph emailNetwork: all queries in this catalog have been installed already.

But still, I can not use any algorithms, I get message that such queries don’t exist.

Any tips what am I doing wrong?


Did you check in GraphStudio to see if the Queries are created or not, it might be there but not installed.

To solve this you can do :

  • if the queries are in GraphStudio click the button to the top ( install all queries ) and then they will show up in the LS command and can be called .
  • using gsql run :
gsql -g  emailNetwork DROP QUERY ALL 

and then relaunch the