Attribute value cannot be converted to BOOL

I’m working on an edge upsert which has an attribute with a BOOL datatype but am having trouble passing in the BOOL value.

Here’s my Json:

The error I get for this is:
“Processing attribute isChosen failed, value cannot be converted to BOOL”

When I converted the “True” to “true” I got the same error.

When I remove the quotes around the “true” I have invalid Json:
“JSON parse error: Invalid value. Error offset: 175”

Can someone please advise how do I correct this?

Thank you.

Hi George,

In theory, true (all lowercase, not enclosed) should work. This worked for me:

{"vertices": {"MyVertex": {"100": {"MyBooleanAttr": {"value": true}}}}}

See for the specification of the literals accepted.

As for why you get “JSON parse error: Invalid value. Error offset: 175”, I am not sure. Your JSON example with true is valid (validated using JSONLint). Are you trying this using your C# connector? Is the error message from the C# code or from TigerGraph?

Thanks. I tried to delete this but could not.
I found a line of code that was inadvertently wrapping [true] in double quotes. Once I fixed that line it began to work.