.bash_tigergraph ignored in v3.0.5

Settings (LD_LIBRARY_PATH specifically) in $HOME/.bash_tigergraph don’t seem to have an effect on GPE in v3.0.5 anymore. Was it deprecated? If yes, what is the new way to pass environment variables to GPE?

Yes, this one is deprecated in 3.0.5. Do you want to try gadmin config entry GPE.BasicConfig.Env?

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Yeah, I played with GPE.BasicConfig.Env a couple of days ago and it did work. A couple of questions though:

  1. Is “gadmin config apply” the only command required for the new env (especially LD_LIBRARY_PATH) to take effect? If not, what other commands need to be run?

  2. I see the default has the string value $LD_LIBRARY_PATH in LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the GPE.BasicConfig.Env. Where does the GPE engine get the initial $LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

Hi Jim,

#1, you may also need to restart GPE with “gadmin restart GPE” to let it pick up the change

#2, there is a default value coded in the system for $LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

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