Bug: Cannot drop secret

I don’t know if this is because I have multiple graphs, but:

Drop Secret

Doesn’t drop the secret. Even dropping the graph doesn’t drop the secret. This is probable fixed in 3.0 but wanted to mention it just in case.

Each secret is associated with a particular user and a particular graph. When you try to drop the secret, is the user asserting their privileges for the particular graph?
GSQL -g graph1 DROP SECRET xxx_users_secret_for_graph1_zzz

As @VictorLee mentioned, you must explicitly select the graph (USE GRAPH or -g) to be able to drop the secret associated with it.
Dropping the graph does not remove the associated secrets (this is being investigated). If you want to drop the secret, create a new graph with the same name as the graph to which the secret belongs (this new graph does not have to have the same vertices/edges as the previous one, a simple, one vertex graph will do), USE it and then you will be able to drop the secret.

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