Bug or akward process in uploading data

I’m trying to load data via GraphStudio because I can’t via scripts due to a list of issues that I’m trying to overcome. I was hoping that I would have better control using scripts but that’s not an option for now.

After going through the steps “Map Data To Graph” and “Load Data” some vertices are missing data as shown in the screenshot below. It appears as though the edge is loaded before the vertex which is why the vertex is missing attribute data.

If I delete the link between the csv file and the edge “fact_has_factCategory”, delete data from the graph and rerun the Load Data process this vertex will have attribute data as expected.


Any thoughts on this?


GUI way of mapping and loading data is nothing else than creating GSQL LOADING JOB in the background. There the order of the importing (mapping) data is very important. You may try to map the vertices first and then create edge mappings.

I have tried this many time with no success. Interesting new discovery:

  1. Reload the data again
  2. Go to explore graph and pull in the factCategory vertices - they have good data
  3. Pull in the fact vertices (B3158780-BF95-4400-B922-80BC4106811D shown above) - both vertices have data in their attributes as expected.
  4. Double click on the fact vertex to show the edge - now the factCategory vertex does not show attribute data again. So I think this is just a display issue with GraphStudio.

I would be more than happy to demonstrate this in a zoom meeting to someone in the GraphStudio dev team.