Can Visual Query Builder be embedded in a web page?

My application owner would like to give users of our application the ability to construct ad-hoc searches in our TigerGraph database. These will be non-technical users and it seems like Visual Query Builder might be a good tool for them. Can Visual Query builder be embedded into a 3rd party web page (ie: embedded into our web-based application)?

Hi Matthew,

not in the moment, but there were some plans of providing the same functionality for external systems. Don’t know how far are we on the roadmap with this …

What you can do is to use the JavaScript library like Cytoscape together with REST API calls (i.e https://IP_ADDRESS:9000/shortestpath/:MyGraph.



Is it mandatory to embed the VQB into a 3rd party web page? If not, using GraphStudio (as a standalone web page/service) with proper user authentication (e.g. individual users with querywriter role) might be a solution.