Check peak memory usage of a query

Is there a way to check the peak memory usage of a query?

Hi Jim,

Yes, you can check peak memory usage using Query-level monitoring feature that was introduced in TigerGraph 3.1 version. The memory utilization information is stored in the logs. I can provide details if you are interested.



Thanks for your quick reply! Yes, I am very much interested. I am benchmarking a dataset and constantly running into memory issues. Having a way to monitor the memory usage will be super helpful.

Hi Jim,

Query level stats are stored in RESTPP logs. You can query the logs to check the size of the memory by query id.

Here’s the sample output:

Query Level Stats (RESTPP logs)

I0330 08:49:36.576620 625 requestrecord.cpp:258] ReturnResult|REST- 12000 | 16192ms |GPE_3_1|196613.RESTPP_1_1.1585558160384.N|/query/tpc_graph/get_items_d|graph_id=1&query=get_items_d&src=3573&src.type=lineitem&steps=2|213
I0330 08:39:02.578809 6385 requestrecord.cpp:258] ReturnResult|0| 13464ms |GPE_3_1|16974453.RESTPP_1_1.1585557529114.N|/query/tpc_graph/get_items_d|graph_id=1&query=get_items_d&src=3573&src.type=lineitem&steps=4|24067

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Great. I will check the RESTPP logs. Thanks!