Defining a graph schema via RESTPP

In the RESTPP docs I only find methods to obtain and manipulate data. Are there also possibilities to define a graph schema, create queries etc. via RESTPP? The reason why I’m asking is, that the picture in this introduction suggests, that GraphStudio UI also uses the RESTPP interface for all its operations.

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I have same question as above. Anyone knows the answer?

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Answering Original Question:

You can do this by using the GSQL remote client.


Supporting Resources:

GSQL Scripting using pyTigerGRaph plugin

Example of using GSQL Client by leveraging pyTigerGraph:

GSQL Scripting via Gradle + Giraffle

Migrating from GraphStudio to Giraffle (GSQL Scripting Build Gradle Plugin):

Giraffle Repo:

Giraffle Readme:

Example Project using Giraffle:

Giraffle Video:

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Thanks Jon! Looking into these!

This is on the roadmap. All GSQL commands will be available via REST. We dont have a confirmed date yet.