Developer Edition Change


Installing developer edition I can’t access GUI etc… as is the default server name. How do I change?

Could you please provide a bit more information?

  • What platform did you install TigerGraph on? Feels like you installed it in a VM or container.
  • If not physical, what is your network setup? What type of virtual networking you are using?
  • Would port mapping maybe needed?
  • Is there a firewall that might need reconfiguration?

Yes on a vm
OS is centos 7
I want to run studio but it runs on, expected as default. I want it to run on external ip address or
I turned off the firewall but I can simply open port.

So what happen if you enter http://VM_IP_ADDRESS:14240 in your browser?

What virtual networking are you using?
You probably need to use bridged networking to make your TigerGraph visible to the world outside of your host machine.