Dictionary init failed (200)


This morning I can’t start gsql. When I gadmin status, it gives the following:

WARNING: Dictionary init failed (200). Fall back to local configure.

Below is the screenshot of gadmin status:

Any clues about this error? Thanks!

Hi Seanngh,

there is a note about config change so please try following:
gadmin config-apply
followed by
gadmin restart all

Then please check with gadmin status if the services are up.


Hi Bruno,

Thanks for reply! When I gadmin config-apply, it still raise error Failed to init dictionary with dict server (Ret: 200). After gadmin restart, the gadmin status still gives the same Dictionary init failed (200) as before. Here’s the screenshot:

Did you changed the IP address of the machine?

I didn’t change the IP, as far as I remembered. Anyway I just reinstalled TigerGraph. Thanks for your support!