Division by Zero Error when running Louvain Parallel?

Hello TigerGraph Team,

When running Louvain Parallel Algorithm, I encountered the following runtime error:

GSQL > run query louvain_parallel (“Car”, “SIMILAR_TO”, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, _)
Runtime Error: divider is zero.

I am running Louvain on a monopartite graph with “Car” being the only vertex type and edge “SIMILAR_TO” being the relationships between cars.

I checked the source code and found several places where division took place, but had no clue which division caused the error.

Can someone help me? @rik Many thanks!


Sorry for the late reply.

We are working on releasing a new version of the paralleled Louvain algorithm.
The new version will fix the issue you encountered and be more stable than louvain-parallel.

You can find the new version here:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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