Error_: unknown function error


I’ve received the following error from TG while calling a query via it’s REST API:
"error_: unknown function error"

The rest of the error just specifies the input parameters, the query name, etc…

Also, this looks like some kind of a temporary issue with the system (possibly caused by queries load), because on other occasions, the same exact request was successful.

Anyone has any idea what may have caused this?
Or any idea what to look for in the TigerGraph logs?

The same query works if you start it using GUI?

Did you checked the syntax if it is matching the one under query endpoint menue ?

Maybe the URL is malformed (escape chars in it!) ??


Hey @Bruno!

Yeah… As I said:

I ran the exact same query, with the same parameters on another occasion, and it ran fine.

So, this was some kind of a temporary issue, and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered it, knows what caused it, or has any tips for what to look in the logs in order to find the root cause…

Hey @DenisK,

maybe it was a network error?
You can check the REST API logs under

All logs locations can be listed using
gadmin log

You will find more info here: