In ExprFunctions.hpp, there are 3 functions:

  1. FunctionCalledbyQueryA(): This function is called by a query1.
  2. FunctionInternal1(): This function is called by FunctionInternal2.
  3. FunctionInternal2(): This function is called by FunctionCalledbyQueryA.
    This ExprFunction.hpp was tested ok, query1 could be installed correctly and the query result is expected.

However, once I put the 3 functions (FunctionCalledbyQueryA(), FunctionInternal1(), FunctionInternal2()) to an existing ExprFunctions.hpp, which has lots of other interfaces functions and used by many other queries, then I tried to install a query now, it complained that “An unknown error occurred during installation.” as shown in the snapshot below.

Then I tried to check the errors in GSQL_LOG, and found the following errors, and lots of information indicating that there are lots of “multiple definition of ‘FunctionInternal1()’ and ‘FunctionInternal2()’”.

Any help or suggestion would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Fixed this issue by adding inline for the 3 newly added functions.

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