Gsql equivalent of mysql explain

Is there a gsql equivalent of mysql explain?



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no. We will provide it in the near future.

What would be awesome would be if the “explain plan” was ALSO a graph… :slight_smile:

There is this :

We use it internally. It is a bit techie for now, but is very useful to see where time goes in queries.

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Just to add on this, we have been using this tool a bit. It would be great to see the required consumed memory in the GPE for the query as well.

Is there a way to see how the query get executed internally?

@ferrishu3886 You can put together the picture of how the query is being executed internally by looking at the logs. But you need to understand how the system works in order to stitch the picture together.

The TigerGraph team is getting closer to deliver these insights directly into the GraphStudio interface. It reminds me of the “inspect” tool on the web browser

Please NOTE this is the web-browser and not the actual implementation in TigerGraph