How delete data from individual Vertex or Edge? Seems not possible in GStudio

I tried to delete data from individual Vertex , highlighted the vertex, click the Trash button in the LOAD, and… magic! it removed all data from my graph and all other graphs in the database, including the Global view, although my graph was not technically Global but “local”.

I assume I just not know how to do that, please help!

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The delete in the load Data section of the graph studio clears the whole graph. I think so it should not have deleted the data of other graphs but it is not meant to delete data from one vertex.
If you want to delete data from a single vertex instance, go to the explore mode -> search for that instance and delete it by selecting and clicking the trash button. If you want to delete all the data from a vertex, go to the gsql shell and use
USE GRAPH <graph_name>
delete from <vertex_name>

you can also use the where to delete a group of vertices from that vertex.
delete from <vertex_name> where

I haven’t found this operation in graph studio. Hope this helps.

If you were in the “Load Data” view and hit the “Red Trash Can” that will delete the data from graph. If you are looking at just deleting one vertex element, go to “Graph Explore” find the vertex element you would like to Delete, highlight that vertex and hit the Delete Button (“Trash Can”)