How to change Primary id type in GraphStudio?

GraphStudio won’t allow me to change the Primary Id Type. Do you know how I can change the type to an INT?

This was a product decision that we disable user from changing primary id type and use STRING as the only allowed type. We can review this decision with product team if needed.

Okay - So you cannot do Time Tree structure in graph studio unless you use “STRING”. When using gsql_day to convert a TIMESTAMP to day it needs the ID to be an INT.

Trying to use GraphStudio built in “gsql_day” function to grab “22” out of “2020-01-22” timestamp.

Tree would look like:
2020 - (HAS_MO) - 01 - (HAS_DAY)- 22


I tend to duplicate the key as an explicit attribute, then you can have any type you like. PK’s are immutable, so is okay, just don’t do the “pk as attribute” tickbox when defining the schema, and DIY in the loader. Integer PK’s caused no end of trouble, so I don’t think we’ll return to them anytime soon.