How to filter on attribute type SET<STRING>

I need to filter based on vertex attribute type SET or edge attribute type SET.
How to do it? Any hint will be appreciated.

When trying the following query, it returns an error:

  • query:
    select * from Person where id == 1 and email == "" limit 3
  • err msg: The attribute type SET is not supported as a filter in WHERE clause

Please try as below

Person Vertex should have the attributes as id and email

SELECT p FROM Person:p WHERE == 1 AND == "" LIMIT 3

If the id is not selected as attribute use below

SELECT p FROM Person:p WHERE p == 1 AND == "" LIMIT 3

Hi Sung Jeon,

Welcome to the TigerGraph community!

I assume that your Person vertex is defined something like this:

CREATE VERTEX Person (PRIMARY_ID id INT, ..., email SET<STRING>, ...)

I also assume that you used the SELECT statement standalone, i.e. outside a query. Such SELECT is one of the few built-in DML commands and this version of SELECT has less functionality that the ones used within queries.
Within a query you can filter on SET attributes:

CREATE QUERY filter_on_set(INT id, STRING email) FOR GRAPH MyGraph { 
  start = {Person.*};
  res =
    SELECT s 
    FROM   start:s
    WHERE == id

  PRINT res; 


  • Within a query, SET datatype is converted to SetAccum accumulator type and thus you can use SetAccum's functions, like contains().
  • You can learn more about the built-in DML commands by typing HELP BASIC in the gsql command line tool.
  • The LIMIT clause in your query has no effect if you filter by primary ID, as there could be only one instance of a vertex type with a given primary ID value; that’s why it’s a primary id :slight_smile: