How to see all user-defined indexes?

I’ve created index for better perfomance of searches.
I can see my index in GSQL shell( command ls), but it shows all the catalog and I want to see only indexes.

SHOW INDEX * doesnt work.

Is there any other way to see index list (in GSQL shell or in query)?

Thank you

There is no SHOW INDEX yet.
Use the ls command. It lists indices after vertex and edge types.

Thank you for your answer

Are you maybe using Python to work with TigerGraph?

No, I use standart gsql shell and Graph Studio now. I tried to install gsql_client on Python, but had an error, although I used parameter version=“v3_1_0”, which was the same as version of server.
Exception: This client is not compatible with target TigerGraph Server! Please specify a correct version when creating this client!