How to time the graph algorithm execution

I am testing graph algorithms in Tigergraph:
However, I could not find timers to measure the execution time of the algorithms.

Is there a way to add timers to the .gsql files to measure just the execution time excluding graph reading or results writing to a file? I don’t want to use Linux utility time as it measure end to end time.

You can use log statement to mark time
then you can find them in gpe info log

The values will be recorded in the GPE log. To find the log file after the query has completed, open a Linux shell and use the command “gadmin log gpe”. It may show you more than one log file name; use the one ending in “INFO”. Search this file for “UDF_”.

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If it is OK to see the timing after the execution, try this:

CREATE QUERY MyQuery(...) FOR GRAPH MyGraph { 

	  DATETIME before;
	  start = SomeVertex.*;
	  before = now();

	  <black magic here>
	  PRINT("Black magic took " + to_string(datetime_diff(now(), before)) + " seconds") AS timing;
	  PRINT <black magic results>;

and then you will see this in the result set:

    "timing": "Black magic took 5 seconds"

I don’t think we can measure <1s durations this way.

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@SzilardTG, the answer works, but only in seconds, if I want milliseconds, how can I change the syntax?