IDE plugin for formatting GSQL code

Is there a plugin that would allow for formatting GSQL code for any of the known IDEs? (JetBrains, Eclipse, VS Code)

I see there are some (not-so active) projects for syntax highlighting…

@gruby_karol Usually VS Code is my preferred IDE of choice. I’m using the vsc-gsql-extension

There are also syntax highlighters for the following tools:

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Sorry, for the late answer.

I had checked the VSCode plugin you are mentioning before asking the question :wink:

Putting aside the last update date of the plugin it is all about syntax highlighting (which is fine).
My question was more about source code formatting (i.e. enforcing style guide in a big project, etc.).

It’s not a blocker for me right now, just wondering about the options.

BTW: I understand that there is an official grammar of GSQL, so developing VSCode, IntelliJ or any other IDE plugin for formatting gsql source code seems feasible…
You know, I am probably spoilt by working with IDEs and languages that have been there for the last several years :wink: