Importing data from csv file not parsing correctly

I came across an interesting situation where data being imported from a csv file is not being parse into the correct attributes due to the data having commas in it. Below is a screenshot of the issue, of the data from the csv file and lastly the grid including headers from the GraphStudio “Add data file” screen.

I understand how this is tricky using delimiters as you can’t control what content will be added to the csv cells, especially if you’re importing data from a web scaping process. I’ve had the same issue in my own app so when working with Excel data I looped through each row and then each cell in each row grabbing the content as a single string object. I don’t know if this is possible with csv files and if you are importing millions of rows it might be really slow.

Hope this helps.

Please check enclosing character of your CSV formating rules - it’s " - so the 1st " in front of The Apprentice" would trigger a new column.

Hi Bruno, I did that but I think ultimately the csv data became somewhat corrupt after many iterations of reformatting and manipulating. I ended up replacing the double quotes with single quotes and included your recommendation above. I’m going to start experimenting with doing this programmatically.

You could test this small but powerfull editor: