Initalizing MinAccum\<VERTEX\>

If I want to reuse this variable in multiple iterations, how do I reset it so that I can add new vertices and keep track of the minimum vertex?

If you mean a FOREACH or WHILE loop when you say “iteration”, then yes, there is a way.

You can use = with most accumulators to assign it to a specific value, instead of doing accumulation with +=.

  myMinAccum = GSQL_INT_MAX; 
  // or some other big number that is definitely bigger than any number in your application

  <Do your stuff, including accumulation to myMinAccum>
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I want to do this for MinAccum<VERTEX> - So presumably i need to initalize it with a hypothetical vertex with maximum internal ID. This does’nt seem possible so far.

So, the easiest way to do this (that I can think of) is to use the integer equivalent of the vertex id. This is done with the getvid() function. See here for an example :