Is thee a way to intercept GSQL installation

I wanted to intercept GSQL installation using GraphStudio. As a capability as soon as a GSQL is installed, either tigergraph should raises an event which can be handled or a way where graph studio can be customized to make an additional api call when installing the GSQL. Please do let me know if this be achieved in one way or other. ?

Are you talking about installing a GSQL query?

Not really. I can create and install queries using graph Studio. But in addition to installing I want to take some additional action, say automating push of the installed query to a code repository. For this I want to intercept the installation flow and initiate a parallel action.

@kapilsaini AHH I think I know where you are going with this… You are looking at using GraphStudio to build your solution, but then would like to have everything backed-up in native GSQL code so you can redeploy?

Our Developer Labs team is working on a utility tool to allow this functionality. It’s in the works but should be coming in the next few weeks.

This might be helpful to as I think it’s the direction you’re going: