July 26 - 30 Weekly Update

Here’s your weekly round-up of videos, blogs, events, and more!

Latest How-To Videos :video_camera:

TigerGraph 101
Visualizing TigerGraph’s COVID-19 Starter Kit with Plotly
Visualizing TigerGraph’s Movie Recommendation Starter Kit
Leveraging pyTigerGraph for Big Data Analytics from Google Colab

Latest Blogs :writing_hand:

An Introduction to Graph Machine Learning with Tensorflow and TigerGraph
The PageRank Algorithm and its Application
Label Propagation Algorithm and its Application
GSQL: Exploring SELECT statements through video recommendation

Events :mega:

Jul 29
TigerGraph Thursdays is a 3-Part series covering TigerGraph 101, Integration with Jupyter Notebooks and Graph Analytics with ML and Tensorflow

Sep 08
PokéGraph: Learn Graph Database Technology with TigerGraph and Pokémon Data

Aug 12
Introduction to Graph and Use Cases: Building Your First Graph Solution

Cool Data Sets :bar_chart:

  1. TikTok User Ratio in the U.S. By Age Group
  2. Wikipedia Page Rank
  3. 2021 Tokyo Olympics Chart with facts and figures

Product Updates :hammer_and_wrench:

TigerGraph released Version 3.1.5 on 7/23/21. This bugfix release is related to Schema change issues. Check out the 3.1.5 change log for further details.