Loading Jobs for Edges Using JSON and source_type_expr / target_type_expr

Noticing on 3.1.1 that defining a FILENAME and USING JSON_FILE doesn’t support source_type_expr / target_type_expr for edges. I’m getting an error that a Header needs to be defined. Are there plans to support something like the following in the future:

   DEFINE FILENAME my_edge_type;

    LOAD my_edge_type
            TO EDGE edge_type VALUES ($"sourceId" $"sourceType", $"targetId" $"targetType", ....)
    USING JSON_FILE="true";

Trying to create a simple job like the above will get rejected with must define Header. Trying to combine USER_DEFINED_HEADER and JSON seems to bring down the RESTPP loader. I know you are able to do something like the below:

     LOAD my_edge_type
            TO EDGE edge_type VALUES ($"sourceId" source_type, $"targetId" target_type, ....) WHERE $"sourceType" == "source_type" AND $"targetType" == "target_type",
            .... ALL supported Combinations ....
    USING JSON_FILE="true";

However it makes the load definition larger than it needs to be and the results become harder to parse and compare because the failed condition on the WHERE clause.

The reason for not simply using the builtin endpoint for edge and vertex upserts is I’m trying to limit the objects that a user can create (Even though a tech savvy person could still post to the endpoint with a valid token and create the objects directly).

When you say that it used to work, was that in version 2.x?
We’ll check to see if this was an accidental oversight. If so, we should be able to put this capability back in.