LoadingCallback timeout during loading data

I am getting timeout errors like below during loading a large data file. I have increased all references to 600 seconds timeout to 3600 seconds (config apply & restart), but it still insists on this 600 seconds timeout value. What else can I try?

296 E0325 11:42:58.708411 36365 ioutil.cpp:201] [ERROR] LoadingCallback response: {“error”:true,“message”:“The query didn’t finish because it exceeded the query timeout threshold (600 seconds). To increase the query time, please check the error code for details.”,“results”:[],“code”:“REST-3002”}

active configuraiton:
$gadmin config dump | grep 600
“DefaultLoadingTimeoutSec”: 3600,
“OutputTokenBufferSize”: 16000000,
“TokenSizeLimit”: 60000,
“DefaultLoadingTimeoutSec”: 3600,
“DefaultLoadingTimeoutSec”: 3600,
“DefaultQueryTimeoutSec”: 3600,

did you try this?