Logging information of insert a vertex or an edge

In traditional relational database, all kinds of operations could be found or traced in database log. I am just wondering where there is similar log for graph database.
In a query, there is some logic to insert some vertices and edges. Is there any log information when insert a vertex and an edge in tigergraph so that I could see whether the vetices and edges were successfully or not from logs rather from Graph Studio or GSQL command. I also want to know whether a vetex or an edge is an existing one or not.
If there is log information, would you point out where is the default location in tigergraph?
Any comment would be really appreicated.
Thank you.

I am not sure if this is (exactly) what you are looking for, but the GSE log has entries that look like report on upserts:

I0907 18:43:59.738834 14556 service_dispatcher.cpp:140] Engine_GSE|ipostUpsert,6.GPE_1_1.1599504239738.T15995042397382,YAC,16,0|typedupsert_uid|129|1|1|41
I0907 18:43:59.739814 14536 service_responser.cpp:63] Engine_GSE|ipostUpsert,6.GPE_1_1.1599504239738.T15995042397382,YAC,16,0|sendResponse|GPE_1_1|1|27

Not sure how to interpret these, but I have the feeling that the 129|1|1|41 at the end carry the number of upserted rows, probably the second number (I just inserted one value). I will play with it later to confirm.

The log file can be found at /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/log/gse/log.INFO (in v3.x).

Ok, (somewhat) confirmed: I upserted 4 vertices using pyTigerGraph and got this in the gse/log/INFO:

I0907 19:13:00.481561 14558 service_dispatcher.cpp:140] Engine_GSE|ipostUpsert,131106.RESTPP_1_1.1599505980481.N,YAC,16,0|typedupsert_uid|130|4|4|64
<some lines removed>
I0907 19:13:00.485165 14536 service_responser.cpp:63] Engine_GSE|ipostUpsert,131106.RESTPP_1_1.1599505980481.N,YAC,16,0|sendResponse|RESTPP_1_1|4|57

The 4’s at the end of both lines match with the number of vertices upserted (as confirmed by JSON returned by the RESP API endpoint). Not sure though how upserted edges are reported; I only upserted vertices.

You can also monitor deletes. I deleted 5 vertices and got this (in the same log file):

I0907 19:21:36.937665 14558 service_dispatcher.cpp:190] Engine_GSE|iDELETE_VID,10.GPE_1_1.1599506496937.N,NNN,0,0|delete_vid|133|5|5|46
<some lines removed>
I0907 19:21:36.937772 14536 service_responser.cpp:63] Engine_GSE|iDELETE_VID,10.GPE_1_1.1599506496937.N,NNN,0,0|sendResponse|GPE_1_1|5|8

For that you use GSQL queries.

Thank you very much @SzilardTG for answering my question on holiday. I really appreciate your help and time.
I’m using tigergraph 2.5. With your help, I was able to find the log information you mentioned at /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/logs/GSE_1_1/.
Here is the scenario I’m talking about: In our project, there are vertex “V” and edge “E”. Edges of “E” are connected by “V”. The edge “E” is defined as DIRECTED, and there is property “reverse” to indicate the direction.
In the query, 1) First delete all the vertices of “V”, which is supposed to delete the vertices and the edges related; 2) Insert vertices “V”; 3) Insert edges “E” based on the inserted “V”. So, for vertices “V1” and “V2”, if there is connection between V1 and V2, it is supposed that there are 2 edges (one is V1–>V2: reverse flag is 1, and the other is V2–>V1: reverse flag is -1).
The issue I met is:
After several runs(to be exact 3 runs), for some pair of edges, both the reverse flag become -1, which is not expected.

So, I was wondering whether I could find the details of how the vertices and edges were being deleted and insert in tigergraph log.
From the log under /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/logs/GSE_1_1/, it seems that we could only see the general information of how many records being deleted and inserted rather than the detailed information for each record being deleted/inserted.

Is there any setting in tigergraph that could allow user to see the detailed information being deleted/inserted/updated for each vertex and edge?

Thank you.