Looking To Start a Local Meetup?

Interested in starting a local TigerGraph community chapter in your area?

Community meetups and user groups are a great way to meet fellow TigerGraph community members, exchange ideas, and learn new things. If you would like to start a new local community chapter or meetup in your area, follow the guidelines below:

:hammer_and_wrench: Setting up the local community chapter

  • Create a chapter on meetup.com.
  • Let us and everyone inside the community know about your new community chapter by posting about it on the TigerGraph Community Chat
  • Let people at TigerGraph know about your user chapter!
  • Tag #TigerGraphs on your posts on the TigerGraph forum or share updates about your user group on social media and tag @TigerGraph

:speech_balloon: Spreading the word about your local community chapter:

  • Share the updates about your user group on social media and tag @TigerGraph
  • Let the team at devrelations@tigergraph.com know about the event to help market the event to the broader audience.

:spiral_calendar: Organizing the first event:

  • Create the event on your community’s meetup.com page
  • Find the speakers. TigerGraph has many great developers working on interesting TigerGraph projects so don’t hesitate to post a call for speakers on the TigerGraph forum and, or dev chat!

:alarm_clock: Before the event:

  • Update the event with the information about the speakers: name, title, topic
  • Send out the reminders to the attendees and remind people to RSVP

:rocket: Make your community chapter last and grow:

  • Be consistent with the events.
  • Give a chance for people from your community to give talks and share ideas
  • Play around with the format of the meetup - workshops, lightning talks, discussions are great ways to keep the audience interested and engaged
  • Stay engaged with the community by sharing pictures of the events, gathering feedback from the attendees.