Maintainer of VSCode syntax highlighting

Who is the maintainer of vscode syntax highlighting for gsql? I want to report that “INTERPRET” is not highlighted as a keyword.

Hi @jimwu

I’m the maintainer of the VSCode plug in. I haven’t worked on it in a while as I also maintain some variants of Tiger Graph docker images in my spare time.

I should fix another bug that I picked up along the way anyways and one day plan to add parsing.

Thanks for the report, though!

If you would like to contribute the repo is here


Thanks @BigDataDave!

First of all, thanks a lot for creating and maintaining this plugin! It’s awesome.

Sure, let me take a look at the repo and see where I can contribute.


@jimwuFeel free to add enhancement ideas here

@jimwu I am a TigerGraph infrastructure engineer and I recently made one

It’s not feature complete but I would love to get some feedbacks from you and other customers.

@BigDataDave Hi Dave, thanks for your amazing initiative and it inspired me to write this project. The reason I did not build on top of your work is that I want a LSP that GSQL semantics. Therefore, instead of using TextMate’s Regex based parsing. I implemented a real grammar parser that gives me a syntax tree which other static analysis tool can be build upon.

Disclaimer: I work on it in my spare time and it does not represent an official TigerGraph project. All code are written according to publicly available docs and does not include any TigerGraph internal code.


@xzthecoder That’s actually super awesome! Thanks for getting around to having something that can more easily allow for static analysis too. I definitely think this may be the better long term project.

Thank for the effort. Just installed it and will see how it works.

Doesn’t seem to work out of box. It flags my entire script as errors while it passes gsql compilation just fine.

Tagging @xzthecoder (see above) :point_up_2:

@jimwu I just realized that many people mix multiple statements in a single script such as schema creation, query definition and running. Currently it only supports queries.

I will change how the plugin behaves to support this use case.

@jimwu I have published a new version which addressed some of the problems and I have removed all the syntax error reporting because it’s annoying when syntax isn’t 100% complete.

I will only add error reporting back when 99% of grammar have been implemented. After that, I will work on auto formatting.

with support for schema creation