Need help getting demo data

I’m trying to load the demo graph “connectivity” on our server

The “Export Current Solution” option in GraphStudio (in the cloud) says:
“Export the graph schema, data mapping and queries as a tarball”

However, the file downloaded is only 17k. when I import the solution every think looks good and it even shows the csv files here:

But as you can see there’s no data

Is this a bug?

Is there a place I can download all of these csv files?

Thank you

No, this is not a bug; the export function is for metadata (schema, vertex, edge, etc. definition, plus visuals like graph layout, colors, icons, etc.).

TigerGraph V3.0 will allow you export everything (including data, users (with permissions, secrets and tokens)) or just a template (this latter will be similar to or same as the GraphStudio export now).

In the meantime you can either reload the data using the original source data files, or you can “export” the data from vertices and edges by writing a query that PRINTs the edge/vertex details (data/attributes) in CSV format.

Thank you Szilard,

This graph was originally loaded from the demo options in the free cloud account so I never had any csv files. Is there a link to download all of them?

I am not sure form the top of my head that which data set you are using, but all our public data sets for the starter kits can be downloaded here.

I guess you can find the one you are looking for there.