Oct 11th - 15th Weekly Updates: Detect Money Laundering and Fraud with TigerGraph, TigerGraph 3.2 Details, TigerGraph Spotify Graphistry and Streamlit Dashboard, and More!

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:sparkles: Special Announcement

TigerGraph is in the running for Startup of the Year in Redwood City by HackerNoon! You can vote here (no log in necessary, just click vote!)

:computer: Job Openings

Graphistry Job Openings (Updated!)

Graphistry has two positions where you can combine TigerGraph, Graphistry, GPU computing, and other fun, emerging technologies. These are all remote-friendly and they are welcoming applicants at all skill levels. You’ll be working with (and it’s okay if don’t know all!):

  • Fullstack UI developer: JS, React, Rx, and if up for it, GPU with frontend WebGL and backend Python / Nvidia rapids.ai
  • Graph data science: Jupyter notebooks, StreamLit dashboards, graph DBs, rapids.ai cuDF/cuGraph/dask-cudf, classic graph algorithms, and long-term, graph neural networks [Update: Expanded - for more senior candidates, opportunity to also help start Graphistry Labs, our R&D unit]

Having used Graphistry before is not required but always a plus! More info at https://www.graphistry.com/careers!

:video_camera: Latest How-To Videos

TigerGraph + WeCloud Data: Workshop 3: Introduction to Graph and Application: Fraud Detection & AML
Learn how graphs are used to detect Money Laundering and Fraud in real time and how those insights are used to improve the banking and financial industries with Dan Barkus.

Super-powers for complex operations with graph analytics
In this presentation by Richard Henderson, learn how TigerGraph Cloud can reduce business disruption, giving external and internal customers the best possible experience and ultimately improve bottom-line profitability and customer service.

TigerGraph Keynote - learn knowledge language
Hear Dan McCreary’s keynote presentation for Graph+AI.

:newspaper_roll: TigerGraph in the News

TigerGraph seeks to democratize graph databases
In this article from VentureBeat, learn about TigerGraph 3.2 and how TigerGraph is democratizing graph databases with an interview with TigerGraph Product and Innovation VP Dr. Jay Yu.

TigerGraph 3.2 targets platform’s performance, ease of use
In this article by TechTarget, learn details about how TigerGraph 3.2 offers enterprise-grade performance and ease of use.

Latest TigerGraph Release Adds More Than 40 Features to its Graph Database
Check out this overview of TigerGraph 3.2, highlighting developer-friendly capabilities and key advantages of TigerGraph.

:spiral_notepad: Colab Notebook & Projects

TigerGraph Spotify Dashboard with Streamlit and Graphistry
In this project by Shreya Chaudhary, visualize your TigerGraph data in a dashboard with Streamlit and Graphistry, creating a TigerGraph Spotify Dashboard.

:mega: Events


[Oct 12-14] Improve Profitability with Google Cloud and TigerGraph
As part of the Google Cloud Next '21 conference, hear how Jaguar Land Rover, Intuit, UnitedHealth Group and Xandr (a division of AT&T) are transforming business performance using machine learning and graph analytics in this session by Jay Yu.

[Oct 14] Addressing Business Vulnerabilities with a Digital Twin Powered by Graph Analytics
In this presentation, part of the Chief Data & Analytics Officer Fall AI Summit, Todd Blachska will examine how graph analytics can provide business leaders with a significant advantage in building a digital twin of its operations, providing the resilience it needs to prevent calamities that leave lesser competitors crippled.

[Oct 14] Graph’s Influence on the Power Grid Usage in New York: Hands-On Workshop
Learn how to build a graph with TigerGraph to model the influence of weather and other factors on power grid usage in New York with Dan Barkus.

[Oct 19] Graph + AI New York Summit Accelerate Analytics and AI with Graph Algorithms
Join the industry’s largest and only open conference for accelerating analytics and AI with graph, hosted by TigerGraph, either virtually or in-person. Hear from the keynote speakers Stephen Brobst, CTO of Teradata, Rohit Chauhan, Executive Vice President of AI and Security Solutions from Mastercard, Dr. Paulo Gottgtroy, Data Science Lead at Mercury NZ, and George Anadiotis!

:bar_chart: Cool Data Sets

Squid Games Netflix Twitter Data
How are people reacting to Squid Games? Who’s talking about the show? Create a Twitter graph to analyze the texts, leveraging algorithms such as Top2Vec, Sentiment Analysis, and Named Entity Recognition, and the user data to build a graph and figure out!

Codon Usage Dataset
Create a bioinformatics graph comparing the codon usage for different kingdoms, species, and DNA types. Visualize your graph with Plotly Dash or Streamlit.

Environment, Social And Governance Data
Check out this data from the World Bank on 17 key sustainability themes spanning environmental, social, and governance categories. Create a time tree to see how we have been doing over time. What has improved? Where are we in need of improvement?

:hammer_and_wrench: Product Updates

TigerGraph 3.2 is released!! Here are some key features of the release:

Check out the release notes for full details: https://docs.tigergraph.com/v/3.2/faqs/release-notes-tigergraph-3.2

Here are a few important links related to the 3.2 release:

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