Oct 18th - 22nd Weekly Updates: Developer Day Videos: TigerGraph Community, TigerGraph 101, Visualization with TigerGraph, Kubernetes and TigerGraph

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:sparkles: Special Announcement

TigerGraph is in the running for Startup of the Year in Redwood City by HackerNoon! You can vote here (no log in necessary, just click vote!)

:video_camera: Latest How-To Videos

Welcome + TigerGraph’s Developer Community Overview
Learn about everything the community has to offer from Jonathan Herke. Learn where to get support for your questions, where to find graph algorithms in our library, where to find projects in GitHub, how to use TigerGraph’s Discord Channel, and the innovations within our ecosystem, like how we integrate into other products. This session will also go through TigerGraph’s Community Contribution Program where you’ll get access to recognition, TigerGraph Swag, free TigerGraph Cloud Credits, and speaking opportunities at future conferences.

Introduction in TigerGraph: TigerGraph 101
Learn the basics of TigerGraph and graph and create your first solution in this interactive tutorial by Daniel Barkus.

Introduction to TigerGraph & Visualization
In this newest video from Developers’ Day, learn all about creating stunning TigerGraph visualizations with Graphistry, Streamlit, D3.js, Plotly Express, Plotly Dash, and Cytoscape from Shreya Chaudhary and Advit Deepak!

TigerGraph & Kubernetes Deployments: Kubernetes and TigerGraph Explained and a hands-on deployment.
Kubernetes is a popular container-orchestration platform. In this talk, Chengjie Qin and Wenbing Sun will demonstrate how to deploy and manage a TigerGraph cluster on Kubernetes and introduce the principles behind it.

FACE OFF! TigerGraph versus Old Analytics. Featuring FLY Entertainment Irene Ang
Why choose TigerGraph over relational databases? Check out this two-minute comedic video, starring Irene Ang and Benjamin Heng, to find out!

Who’s Faster? TigerGraph versus Old Analytics. Featuring Fly Entertainment Irene Ang
Learn the power of TigerGraph through another comedic skit! When Ms. Zeng Hu Lang (played by Irene Ang) asks Old Analytics and TigerGraph how long it will take to analyze up to one million transactions, the speed and scalability of TigerGraph relative to its competitors are revealed!

:writing_hand: Latest Blogs

TigerGraph September Updates
What happened in the TigerGraph community in September? Who are the Top Tigers? Find all of this and more in this newsletter created by Cayley Wetzig.

:newspaper_roll: TigerGraph in the News

Why graph DB + AI may be the future of data management
Learn why graph database algorithms will become the driving force behind the next generation of AI and machine learning apps in this interview with Dr. Alin Deutsch.

TigerGraph boosts availability and scalability with enterprise-focused updates
In this article from SiliconAngle, learn about the newest TigerGraph 3.2 update and how it makes the platform more reliable and easier to manage.

TigerGraph Bolsters Scalability with Graph Database Update
In this Datanami article, learn about TigerGraph 3.2 and new features with quotations from Dr. Jay Yu.

:spiral_notepad: Colab Notebook & Projects

TigerGraph Streamlit and Graphistry Spotify Dashboard
In this project by Shreya Chaudhary, create a dashboard with Grapistry and Streamlit to model TigerGraph Spotify data.

TigerGraph D3.js Visualization
Model TigerGraph data from the COVID-19 Starter Kit using D3.js and Bootstrap in this project by Shreya Chaudhary.

:mega: Events


[Oct 19] Graph + AI New York Summit Accelerate Analytics and AI with Graph Algorithms
Join the industry’s largest and only open conference for accelerating analytics and AI with graph, hosted by TigerGraph, either virtually or in person. Hear from the keynote speakers Stephen Brobst, CTO of Teradata, Rohit Chauhan, Executive Vice President of AI and Security Solutions from Mastercard, Dr. Paulo Gottgtroy, Data Science Lead at Mercury NZ, and George Anadiotis!

[Oct 20 - 21] Fraud in financial services — Double the Performance of Your Fraud Detection System with Graph Database and Machine Learning
In this talk by Vladimir Slesarev, learn the business drivers behind why graph and ML approaches in financial fraud are more important now more than ever, why graph makes sense in lieu of relational technology, and how some of TigerGraph’s biggest customers in banking have leveraged graph for fraud and AML. Stick around for a Q&A!

[Oct 21 - 22] Data Science Connect Conference
In DSC’s annual conference, hear from David Braun and Gaurav Deshpande in
Smarter AI With Analytical Graph Databases: Best Practices and Case Studies,
Improving Cyber Threat Detection with Machine Learning, Visualizations and Graph Analytics, and the closing remarks.

:bar_chart: Cool Data Sets

arXiv Paper Abstracts
Create a graph-powered abstract search, abstract classification, or abstract plagiarism detection!

All Natural Disasters 1900-2021 / EOSDIS
How have natural disasters been changing throughout the years? What can we predict in the future? Explore this data, build a TigerGraph graph, and synthesize your work into a dashboard with Plotly Dash or Streamlit.

Employees Evaluation for Promotion
Who gets promoted? What attributes do employees have? Explore that in a TigerGraph promoting graph, leveraging graph algorithms and machine learning to determine if you could get promoted.

:hammer_and_wrench: Product Updates


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