Potential bug in 3.1?

I am using Enterprise free edition and just upgraded to 3.1. My queries that used to work in 3.0.5 stopped working give the error no viable alternative at input.

To debug, I stripped down the data to the minimum:

    "result": [
        "attributes": {
          "name": "CDR",
          "notes": "Parquet on HDFS and S3",
          "sink_id": "CDR",
          "tags": "RussR",
          "zEnd": ""
        "v_id": "CDR",
        "v_type": "sink"

The following GSQL works ok:

CREATE QUERY findData() FOR GRAPH battleMap {
  start = {sink.*};

  result = SELECT s FROM start:s -(ANY:e)->product:t
        WHERE s.name =="CDR" //AND s.tags == "RussR"

  print result;

But if I uncomment the AND s.tags == "RussR", it gives no viable alternative at input and wouldn’t run. Can this be a bug introduced in 3.1?

Hi @John_Chen let me share with the language team to get some feedback.

Hi Jon @Jon_Herke,

If I switch the attribute name from “tags” to “my_tags”, everything works again. It seem tags behaves likes a keyword now, even though it is not defined as one in the doc

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Thank you for updating this thread! @John_Chen Forwarding this on.

Seems tags has became a keyword from this version. Could you modify the attribute’s name or using the getAttr function as a workaround?