Potential Bug: User B can drop query created by User A

I have two users A and B created in TG. User A creates a graph and a query like below

$gsql -u a
GSQL > create graph graph_a()
GSQL > create query q_a() for graph graph_a returns (int) {return 0;}

User B can’t drop graph_a, but it can drop query q_a created by user A.

$gsql -u b
GSQL > drop graph graph_a
Only superuser or user 'a', the creator of the graph graph_a, is 
allowed to drop the graph.
The graph graph_a could not be found or dropped!
GSQL > drop query *
The query q_a is dropped.
 All queries are dropped.

Is this a bug?

what role did you assigned A and B?

Both are globaldesigner. As you can see in the log, B can’t delete the graph graph_a . The query q_a is part of graph_a as Victor mentioned in a different thread about multi-tenancy, so I would assume User B shouldn’t be allowed to delete the query q_a either.

ok. Let us reproduce in house and get back to you. thanks for reporting. keep them coming :slight_smile: