Query installation fail on evaluate

FYI, I’m getting “Query installation failed.” when I include the following line

toRet = SELECT s FROM myVset:s ORDER BY evaluate(order_col, “string”);

Is there any way to diagnose this?



Hi Rene,

Could you please post the stacktrace in your GSQL_LOG?

The log can be found by using command gadmin log gsql under tigergraph user.


Hi @yjtan16,

are you using 3.x or 2.x instance (assuming it’s a free one, right) ?
How much data did you loaded into your instance?
Sometimes it can help to export the solution, kill the free instance and create it in a different avail zone. Then reimport the solution and data again.

3.x and about 500k data points. Will performance be affected?

Depending on the size of the attributes. Free instances are not very powerfull and depending on the availability zone there maybe a shortage of the resources - there is no guarantee for the CPU and memory priorization for those.
Non-free instances don’t not have this limitation, resources are guaranteed.