Query installation failed with "Reconcile users only" in error logs

Running into an issue installing any query on GraphStudio. Saving and running interpreted queries works fine, but when I try to install any (including a completely new one I made for testing with just the default print statement inside) I get the following, unexplained: “Query installation failed”. No context is provided and no error messages show up on the UI. Went ahead and looked at the error log files as suggested on the online documentation, and the only logs from the appropriate timestamp say “(BaseHandler.java:245) Reconcile users only”. No idea what this could mean, any suggestions?

Hi Shiva,

This happened to me a couple times actually.

Triple check that your syntax is correct:

  • Make sure that your starting and closing brackets are valid
  • Make sure the query is for the correct graph, so in the For Graph, make sure the graph name is correct.

Could you actually paste the query you are trying to install here also? It would make it easier for others to help you out.

Sincerely, Ramki

Actually the issue occurs with any query, even when I create a completely new one and try to install the default template.

PRINT “test works!”;

Hi @shivashriganesh,

can you check if all services are up and running?
gadmin status


Hi Bruno,

gadmin status shows that all the services are indeed up and running.


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