Realtime Changelog

Does Tigergraph offer a mechanism for external services to subscribe to changes that happen inside the graph? I’m thinking about something analogous to Debezium which can publish every change to a relational database to a Kafka topic. I know TG uses Kafka internally so I’m just looking for some way to sub to the changelog for application purposes.


this maybe solved by a Database trigger feature. we have not provided a database trigger yet. however, if you can describe a clear scenario, we can understand and formulate the feature better.

e.g. do you want a notification when a vertex/edge attribute got mutated? or veretx/edge element got added/delete?

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Yes that’s right. If TG was used as System of Record it would be a common requirement to be able to propagate state changes to other systems or to downstream computed values in the graph itself.

Change data capture systems like Debezium are pretty standard in database land, how do people go about it in architectures where TG is the primary data store?