Same Vertex called "Business Development" shows up twice in GraphStudio Explore Graph Query

Hi I have a Vertex called “goals” and a Directed Edge called “requires”.

When I run the following query to show all edges I notice that any Vertex can be duplicated because 1 version only has Directed Edges point TO it while the other has Directed Edges point FROM it. Please see the screenshot.

Question - Is there some option in the following query which will allow me to combine those 2 duplicated Vertices into a single Vertex where it will show both edges pointing at it… and edges pointing away from it? Thanks for your help.

CREATE QUERY show_all_edges() FOR GRAPH nwis {
    ListAccum<edge> @@edgeList;

    Start = {goals.*};
    showEdges = SELECT t
        FROM Start:s -(requires:e) ->goals:t

            accum @@edgeList += e;
    print @@edgeList;

Hi William,

If the two vertices are with the same id, they should be merged automatically in visualization.

Can you check if there are trailing whitespace in any of the two Business Development vertices?