Specify password on gsql command line

I enabled the authentication and created a user for myself. I am using the gsql client “gsql_client.jar” in a script to run series of gsql queries using my username. The gsql client doesn’t have an option to specify the password, so I have to type my password manually after each and every gsql command in the script. A couple of questions:

  • Do typical TG users use username/password authentication? If not, what kind of authentication do they use?
  • How common do TG users run gsql commands in a script? If it’s common, how do they handle password entry if username/password authentication is used?

@jimwu There are a few ways you can use existing tools to execute GSQL scripts against your box.


If you are using Python you could look at the pyTigerGraph package which leverages the gsql_client.jar. You can then have your authentication stored in a file that will pull every time you are executing the GSQL function.

Also in Python, there is a tool called pyTigerGraphBeta in which we removed the java dependency, and the client (driver) is in pure python but has the same functions as the non-beta version.


pyTigerGraph Video:

pyTigerGraph Beta Video:

Sample NoteBook:

Gradle with Giraffle Plugin

Another way is using Giraffle a plugin for Gradle that is built to execute GSQL scripts against your environment. You can have a multitude of environments and run the Gradle Tasks that you generate against your box.


Giraffle Video:

Sample Project using Giraffle:

Step by Step Blog:

Thanks Jon!

Looks like there is a hidden switch -p in gsql to pass password, which is similar to mysql. This is all I need for now to run my gsql scripts using gsql client.

I am putting together examples using FPGAs to accelerate graph databases. Should I focus on using Python scripts for my examples since you mentioned pyTigergraph?

Most folks know Python so using pyTigerGraph for automating builds wouldn’t be a bad idea. I also love the Gradle tool so I suppose it’s a personal preference. pyTigerGraph is probably the #1 most contributed tool in the ecosystem and is constantly being developed out and used. Giraffle hasn’t had many updates for a while but is still fully functional.