Static Code analyzer for GSQL

Hi Is there a plugin that I can integrate with my github that can run a static code analyzer for GSQL ?

@kapilsaini not that i’m aware of. Could you provide me some examples of a plugin that does this now (maybe for SQL) That will help us better to understand the ask and possibly scope out a project that could help you and the broader community.

In the past I’ve used tools like to do GSQL code checking. Are you thinking something along that lines as well?

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Thanks @Jon_Herke for the response. I was also talking something on terms of sonarqube, but when i check supported languages at sonarqube ( , I don’t see GSQL as one of the languages. Can you provide some reference as in how you used sonarqube to test gsql code ?

Anyone can please help me here to understand If I am missing anything or to be specific does sonarqube or any other application supports GSQL ?