TigerGraph Web App Hack is LIVE (Feb 22 - Mar 22)


TigerGraph Cloud Starter Kits (25+ Options or create your own) are built with sample graph data schema, dataset, and queries focused on a specific use case such as Fraud Detection, Recommendation Engine, Supply Chain Analysis, and/or a specific industry such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, or financial services.

We challenge you to use one of these Starter Kits and build something that is creative, helps communicate a story of the data in the starter kit by using Streamlit as a Graphical User Interface alongside using visualization tools such as Graphistry and Plotly.

Skills Required: Basic Python


  1. Win Amazing Prizes. $15,000+ worth of prizes available including exclusive prizes that can only be won through a TigerGraph Hackathon.
  2. Adding to your project portfolio. The graph database market is high in demand with a very low supply of developers. Add this project to your resume and bring new job opportunities to you!
  3. Meet developers globally. Build your network of developers as you join the community and begin your graph education!
  4. Gain new skills. Having graph database experience combined with the knowledge of building GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) can add tremendous value to you.
  5. Exclusive access to conferences. Winners have the opportunity to participate in showing off their project in front of 6,000 people and 100+ large companies.


  1. Join the Hackathon

  2. Watch Getting Started Videos

  3. Join TigerGraph Chat to talk with other Developers

  4. Talk with TigerGraph Engineers on the Community Forum