TigerGraph's Contribution Program

Start your contribution journey

To advance your position as a TigerGraph contributor you must have done one or more of each of the following.

How to Build DevCred

Looking to write code?

  • Find an open issue on the Community Project board
  • Write code examples for Developer Portal

Love to help others?

  • Answer questions on TigerGraph’s Community Forum
  • Help developers on TigerGraph’s Developer Chat

Are you a creative writer?

  • Create a blog post and let us know at developer devrelations@tigergraph.com
  • Help other TigerGraph developers with their documentation

Do you like hosting community events?

  • Organize a meetup, workshop, or webinar
  • Help others in the community with a meetup

Community Contrubtuion Tiers

TigerGraph Contributors

TigerGraph Contributors, are community members who help us improve TigerGraph through code or by helping others!


  • 2+ Blog/Tutorial/How-to
  • 1 Video Walkthrough
  • 1 Contrbution to TigerGraph-OSS
  • 1 Hosted workshop


  • TigerGraph Stickers
  • Community Contributor Badge

TigerGraph Mentor

TigerGraph Mentor, are experienced contributors who consistently make high-quality contributions and champion TigerGraph within other communities!


  • 4+ Blog/Tutorial/How-to
  • 4+ Video Walkthrough
  • 3+ Contrbution to TigerGraph-OSS
  • 3+ Hosted workshop


  • TigerGraph Stickers
  • TigerGraph Shirt
  • Community Sherpa Badge

TigerGraph Community Leader

TigerGraph Community Leader, are community leaders who take the Rasa community to the next level in their local area!


  • Leading a local TigerGraph Meetup
  • Core Contributor to Major TigerGraph Project
  • Build a Udemy or equivalent educational program


  • TigerGraph Sweatshirt
  • TigerGraph Shirt
  • Community Leader Badge
  • Profile Listed on Official TigerGraph Website

Questions Related to Contribution Program

Please contact devrelations@tigergraph.com