Use GraphStudio for visualization only

I really like how GraphStudio displays schemas and graphs. But I have to say to enter the schema via GUI it’s a lot of work. Would it be possible to use the GraphStudio for visualization only so I can load a gsql with vertex, edge, data loading gsqls into GraphStudio and the graphical representation of my graph is displayed?


Hi Jim,

Currently it’s not possible to use GraphStudio as a command line tool, i.e. it does not provide an interface to enter GSQL DDL (or any other type of) statements. The command line tool is gsql, so you probably want to use a combination of the two. You can use gsql remotely, e.g. with TigerGraph Cloud instances, so you not have to log in to a TigerGraph server to use it.

I also think that designing a graph schema in a visual way is more intuitive, less error prone and not much more time consuming or effort intensive than doing it manually. In fact, I believe that schema design is a human creative activity (borderlining art), not something that should be done in a programmatic way (not if you want optimal design) and thus visual design supports the thought process, the realisation of a vision or inspiration much better than writing DDL statements. It was/is true for RDBMS schema design (look at the variety or ERD designer tools) and even generic software system design (many UML tools), and it is even more true for graph design as graph is inherently a lot more visual technology.

But I think your question is valid; GraphStudio could/should have a command line interface; I will check if there are plans for this.

Hi @SzilardTG,

Thanks for the detailed reply! I 100% agree with what you said.

I guess I asked question more from a support/collaboration point of view. I just joined a new project that already has schema and DDL written in GSQL. I wanted to visualize what’s been done but it took me a good chunk of Sunday morning to “enter” about 14 lines GSQL into GraphStudio. Lots of repetitive operations on the GUI. I think adding some EoU features may alleviate some of the pain. For example, I had to click “csv has header” checkbox for every single file I am importing.

Anyway, once graph is done in GraphStudio, it looks really nice.

A couple tools I use for “pushing code” is either pyTigerGraph the python connector for TigerGraph or Giraffle a Gradle Plugin.


pyTigerGraph Sample Notebook:

pyTigerGraph documentation:


Giraffle Sample Project:

Giraffle Supporting Blog:

Giraffle Docs:

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