Using different Boost library

I am developing UDFs. I am running into some issues with the Boost library included in TigerGraph installation with some of the UDFs using the system Boost library. Is there a way to tell GPE engine to use a different Boost library?


@jimwu Have you tried the following:

To include a third-party library. Please follow steps:

  1. Change this make file: dev/gdk/MakeUDF to include your lib (header and .so)
  2. Put your lib .so to the location given in 1. Suggest in tigergraph/bin dir
  3. Use TG’s ExprFunctions to embed your function

That is the approach I am going about doing it. The trouble I am having is that some of the libraries I use rely on the boost libraries installed on the system but TigerGraph includes its own boost libraries (v1.65?). There seems to be some compatibility issue between the system boost libraries and TG’s boost libraries. What I asking is that if there is a way to ask TG to use the system boost libraries.

@jimwu , couple questions:

  1. What boost version are you using?
  2. Which TigerGraph version are you using?
  3. What errors you saw during query compilation with your boost libraries?
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  1. My libraries are using the boost libraries 1.58 installed CentOS 7.6

  2. I was running TG Developer edition 2.6. I am in the process of upgrading to TG Enterprise 3.1.

  3. There were no errors during compilation. But my UDFs would simply crash during query run. After I linked my libraries with static boost libraries all the problem went away.

TigerGraph uses boost 1.65 - can you use that version?
At this point, TigerGraph cannot use another boost library though.

I can use whatever boost library for development. However I am developing a plugin for TigerGraph that will be installed on users machines, so it’s not ideal to ask each user to compile their own boost libraries.

May I make a request that you release dynamic boost library files (.so) together with the static boost library files? This way I can configure the system to look for specific dynamic boost libraries in the TG installation.

Thanks for your suggestion. We will review it.

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