Vertex IDs not mapped when writing Tuple TO_CSV

When writing query results to csv, I ran into a scenario where the internal vid’s are not mapped to external ids. This happens when the result set is a user defined tuple. For example:

CREATE QUERY sampleQueryTOCSV(/* Parameters here */) FOR GRAPH MyGraph SYNTAX V2 { 
Constructs triples and writes to local file


SetAccum<TRIPLE_RECORD> @@triples;

FILE file1 ("/home/tigergraph/data/triples.txt");

start = {ANY.*};

res = SELECT tgt FROM start:s - ((ANY|ANY>):e1) - ANY:tgt 
      WHERE s != tgt 
      ACCUM @@triples += TRIPLE_RECORD(s, e1.type, tgt);

PRINT @@triples TO_CSV file1;
PRINT COUNT(@@triples), @@triples;
PRINT "Written results to file.";

The fields src and tgt as seen in the triples.txt file are the internal integer ids, while the JSON response (@@triples) contains the external ids.

Expected result
When writing the result set to either csv or json I would expect to resolve the vertex ids to the external ids.

Other observations
Situations where the TO_CSV capability does work as expected (where vertex ids are mapped to external ids), is when a vertex set is written directly, or as part of an accumulator e.g. SetAccum<Vertex> @@v_collection

Is this behaviour expected? Is there a way to push the output through the ID mapper?