Where should I store the .gsql file

Hello TigerGraph Team,

I need to run my .gsql file in shell prompt. The file is stored under /home/tigergraph. However, the gsql kept telling me that the .gsql file does not exist. I wonder why that happened.

Also, while I am able to enter gsql commands from first typing “su tigergraph”, and then “gsql”. However I am unable to execute gsql commands directly in my working directory from typing “gsql”. This is a trivial problem but I am still curious about the reason behind.


  1. If you want run .gsql in gsql shell prompt. You should state the file path. ex: @/home/tigergraph/test.gsql. Or if you open gsql shell in /home/tigergraph, @test.gsql is ok.

  2. May you check the Tigergraph service works well or install successfully? Try “gadmin status” on user “tigergraph” to check the TG status.

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Thanks YIhao, stating the full path fixes the first issue.

But for the second issue, I checked the “gadmin status” and all services are Online and Running.

By “my working directory” I assume it’s your own account (i.e. not “tigergraph”)? If yes, gsql is ONLY accessible by the user “tigergraph”. You will need to get the remote gsql client for your own account.

Here’s our documentation on using a remote gsql client:

This is indeed the correct approach for using gsql from a different account on the same system (or even from a different machine)