Working with subgraph

Hi quick question even tho i have some intuition about it,

What is the envisioned way to work with subgraph in GSQL ?

What i mean is let say i have a very large graph, do a subset selection of it, and would like to run a centrality algorithm on that sub-graph. What would be the GSQL approach to handle it.

PS: so far, what i am thinking about is via query parameter, but not yet clear, about the all structure of the program.

@rik any idea on this ?

Having reviewed the documentation again, it [still] looks like the only way to pass sub-graphs is with a SET parameter. This can also be returned.

I would expect this to be somewhat less efficient than using an inline vertex seed set (without calling another query), but that will very much depend on what you are doing in the nested function, and the size of the subset. If it isn’t huge, then it should be okay.

I think we would need to look at the specific case to see if that was the best approach.

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